5. Energy

A Tale of Two Oil Wells, EROEI

The longer we wait, the longer we procrastinate, delay and make excuses, the more wrenching and traumatic the transition to sustainability will be.  We are squandering precious time and resources presently.  We have used up approximately half of our one-time geological allotment of fossil fuels.  The remaining half will be increasingly more expensive and energy intensive to extract.  We should be feverishly using the remaining half to construct the post-fossil fuel infrastructure that we will need.  This is especially the case when considering Climate Change.  Fully preparing for life without fossil fuels could take decades.  Also, it is not at all clear just HOW everything we do with fossil fuels can be accomplished with wind, solar and biofuels.  The time to begin that transition is NOT when the fossil fuels are dwindling and the economy is collapsing. 

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