The Swimming Pool

The other night I dreamed that I needed a ride somewhere.  A guy offered me a ride, and to my delight, it turned out that his car was a rolling conceptual art piece consisting of a small swimming pool on wheels.  I was so excited at the prospect of going down the street in such a cool vehicle that I jumped right in but forgot that my phone was in my pocket.  So we were driving down the road in a swimming pool but I was completely distracted by the fact that my phone was all screwed up.  I kept pushing the button trying to return it to normal, but only getting psychedelically indesipherable gibberish.

I occurs to me that we’re all in a big swimming pool and we’re careening down the road at breakneck speed, highly chlorinated water sloshing out with each jerking motion.  Meanwhile, we’re all absorbed in our electronic devices – paying precious little attention to the spectacle zooming by immediately outside:  Oh look, it’s a ten-way, black tie only sloppy goat fuck.  Oh, but you missed it.  Too late, it’s gone now.  And look there, it’s the gigantic discharge pipe beneath civilization’s toilet – vast resources – physical, human and spiritual flowing into entropy’s cesspool.  Oh, but it’s gone now. You missed it…..  Countless darling, exquisite beings just brimming with vitality and possibility hurled onto the garbage heap of squandered human potential.  Oops too late, it’s gone.

The good news is that one day, the swimming pool will run out of fuel and stop moving.  The panorama will go from frenetically kinetic to sublimely stationary.  And we can begin functioning again as lumbering, opposable thumb primates were intended – our panoramic skill sets of cognition and perception finally returned to the slower paced regimen for which they were designed.