Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, decade by fucking decade I have done and I shall continue to do my twice daily meditation practice.  The never-ending, disjointed river of the stupidest, pissy-assed thoughts crash upon the metamorphic rock of the field of infinite silence lying at the root of all sentient consciousness.  I wield my mantra like a machete, relentlessly hacking through the dense thicket of neurosis, anxieties and self-loathing, ever searching for the Holy Grail of pure silence that is the ocean out of which we emerge.  Like little metal ducks constantly coming into view at a shooting gallery, I am the wanna be marksman shooting thoughts down one at a time:

Does the deliciousness of a woman’s pussy correlate with hair color?  And if so, where do red heads fit in? BOOM silence.

Will civilization collapse COMPLETELY or will it be more like a stair-stepped, punctuated equalibrium sort of thing?  BOOM silence.

What is the optimal size for a woman’s breast?  BOOM silence.

How will sweet, gentle hippies be able to fight off criminal gangs of mutant zombie tweekers?  BOOM silence.

As much as I may love big, cassaba mellon breasts, you gotta feel for the poor women who have to lug those things around all the time.  BOOM silence.

JIll Stein’s pussy would be delicious, but Hillary Clinton’s pussy would have this odious flavor.  BOOM silence.

A science fiction film where some annoying guy is boning some woman but he doesn’t realize that she’s actually an extraterrestrial.  Then at the height of passion, his whole body starts getting sucked into her pussy like a rabbit getting swallowed by a boa constrictor.  BOOM silence.

Never underestimate the potential found in neuroplasticity: the idea that our consciousness can be shaped or molded over time.

It’s the morning of the first day of your new daily meditation practice.  You meditate for 20 minutes.  You instill a degree of silence and peace and then go about your day and the silence fades.  In the evening you sit down for your second meditation, but what you don’t realize is that there is still .0000001 percent of the silence and peace remaining from that morning’s meditation.  You then finish off your evening and in the morning you sit down for your third meditation, but what you don’t realize is that there is still .0000002 percent of the silence and peace remaining from the previous two meditations and so on.  This is how you can systematically groom and condition your consciousness.

Although most of us have little direct experience of it, it is part & parcel of sentient consciousness that we all have a vast ocean of silence, clarity and peace lying deep inside of us.  It is the space between the thoughts or the field lying beneath the thoughts.  It is eternal.  It was here before we were born.  It’ll be here after we’re gone.  It is what we all share in common.  It is where we are all one.  We can be doing much stupider things than getting to have an intimate familiarity with that deafening roar of silence.