Planet of the Humans

Much Ado About the Laws of Physics  There’s currently a great deal of controversy about the new film, Planet of the Humans produced by Michael Moore and directed by Jeff Gibbs. The film argues that solar and wind are poorly suited and insufficient to replace fossil fuels and that various major environmental organizations are beholden … Read more

It’s Time for a New Acronym

Teasing Apart How People Think If we had a friend who was an abusive alcoholic, we would bring the full weight and vocabulary of modern psychology to discuss that person’s problem.  The same degree of rigor should be brought to the people running the world.  But the difficulty in teasing apart the psychological workings of … Read more


We Ignore the Physics at Our Peril I regret that my assessment of our energy situation sounds bleak.  I don’t mean to malign renewable energy.  We should be building as many solar panels and wind turbines as possible as well as pursuing new technologies.  But we must understand the shortcomings of those energy sources.   … Read more

Call to Joe Rogan

Why Joe Rogan Should Have Me on His Podcast: I began doing Transcendental Meditation in 1973 (at age 17) and have been meditating twice daily ever since.  While doing TM all these years has given me a some insights of what it means to change one’s consciousness, I also have misgivings about the TM movement: … Read more


Is All That Stuff Really Making Us Happy? US style consumerism is serving as an example of a completely unsustainable lifestyle that other people around the world see on television and wish to emulate.  Worse yet, many consumer products are poorly made out of finite, non-renewable resources and then sent to landfills a short time … Read more

US Foreign Policy

Freedom & Democracy, Indeed….. The US claims to be admired the world over as a great champion of freedom and democracy.  This is simply not true.  Those making US foreign policy absolutely DO NOT want democracy in much of the world.  The reason is very simple:  If meaningfully democratic elections are held in a country … Read more

The Economy

It’s Stupid! Robert Bolman With the end of the Soviet Union, those running the economy have conveniently embraced the idea that unbridled, global, free market capitalism is now the only choice we have.  Excuse the following potty humor, but comparing Soviet style Communism with US style Capitalism is like comparing constipation with diarrhea.  Any sane … Read more

Socialism – Dreaded Scourge or Reasonable Direction?

When Bernie Sanders appeared poised to win the 2020 Democratic primary, many of the pundits – “liberal” and “conservative” alike went into an absolute tizzy over the possibility that the US might elect a “socialist” president.  It’s time to better understand what is meant by “socialism” and the hysterical stigma associated with it. Taxes are … Read more


Things must be manufactured with greater longevity Robert Bolman “Recycling” – Design Truly Cyclical, Sustainable Systems When a tree falls down in a forest, it is broken down into a complex biological system producing no toxicity & no waste and it ultimately results in a new tree.  This is how nature recycles.  It’s a truly … Read more