Evolutionary Psychology

Hmmm… So THAT’S Why We Behave That Way…. Darwinian natural selection helps to explain why giraffes have long necks, why polar bears are white and countless other things in the natural world, but it also help to explain many things about our behavior: Sexual Behavior In this day and age of the “Me Too Movement”, every young person (especially … Read more

Toxicity in the Environment

Immediately begin the rapid phase out of Persistent Organic Pollutants, Ozone Depleting Chemicals and any other chemicals that are not fully known to be safe.  The willy nilly dispersal of toxic chemicals into the environment is a great place to invoke The Precautionary Principle.Any chemicals that won’t readily break down at a sewage treatment plant … Read more

Health Care

Why am I EVEN having to write this section? Demand a single payer national health care system LIKE EVERY OTHER CIVILIZED COUNTRY ON EARTH.  We pay 40% – 50% more for our health care than the people of Canada, Europe and Japan and have the travesty of 30 million people lacking adequate health care.  WE … Read more

Criminal Justice, Drugs

The US bears the international embarrassment of having the highest incarceration rate and the highest sheer numbers of incarcerated people of any country on earth.  This is in spite of the US population being dwarfed by China and India and also, the US still being the wealthiest country on Earth.  Go figure! We should decriminalize … Read more


Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”  In spite of it’s potential for wrong-headedness and other shortcomings, there is an innate human tendency to want to have some say in how our lives and society are to be run.  If course, it would definitely be nice of … Read more

US Gun Culture

As a progressive liberal guy, I’m dismayed by the mass shootings that have become so commonplace.  But I also believe that civilization is on an utterly unsustainable trajectory and that it WILL begin to crumble at which point we may have more of a need to defend ourselves against criminals and protect what’s left of … Read more

Climate Change

In her book This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein points out that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, those running the world now embrace the idea that unbridled, global, consumerist, free-market capitalism is the only choice that we have.  Further, they believe that competition should prevail over cooperation and government regulation should be reduced in … Read more