Health Care

Why am I EVEN having to write this section?

Demand a single payer national health care system LIKE EVERY OTHER CIVILIZED COUNTRY ON EARTH.  We pay 40% – 50% more for our health care than the people of Canada, Europe and Japan and have the travesty of 30 million people lacking adequate health care.  WE ARE UTTERLY STUPID TO BE TOLERATING THIS.  When skeptics suggest that we can’t afford a single payer, national health care system, ask “You mean we can’t afford to pay less than what we’re currently paying? Huh?”  This is such a no-brainer, that I feel dubious even devoting a section to it…..

See the sections on Human Consciousness and Economics to examine the denial, delusion and (in some cases) sociopathic behavior that helps to explain how & why economists enshrine the flawed notion that government programs are inherently inefficient & ineffective and why US politicians just can’t bring themselves to do what makes sense in spite of it being done by all other civilized countries on Earth.

The US may be “number one” in terms of military spending and prison population, but in other measures, we are far from being number one.  In terms of life expectancy, infant mortality, opioid addiction, suicides, adult literacy and other metrics, the US lags behind dozens of other countries.  “Number one” indeed….. Shit…..