Investment Banking

Sucking and sucking and sucking, the vampire squid of investment banking has its tentacles wrapped around the face of humanity, its scaly, slimy wealth extraction proboscis crammed forcefully down the throats of 95 percent of the Earth’s population – guaranteeing that every remotely available bit of wealth is siphoned up into the investment portfolios of the world’s super wealthy.  Never cultivating a potato, never manufacturing a screwdriver, investment banking never does anything of any intrinsic value to society.  Instead, it’s nothing more than a big, steaming shit pile of money – its sole intent being to become a larger shit pile of money.  The inbred matrix of mathematical and financial sociopathy relentlessly moves around dollar signs and decimal points all over the globe in it’s tireless drive to accumulate ever greater amounts of fully undeserved and unjustified wealth.

As $600 hammers and $900 toilet seats are more lucrative than $29 toasters, not surprisingly, the deceptively named “defense industry” is a major focus of investment for such institutions.  Every tomahawk cruise missile or predator drone strike on an Afghan wedding party is yet another financial victory for these psychopathic corporate “persons”.  Like the self reinforcing feedback loops of Climate Change, the more that various impoverished, brown skinned people hate the US, the more the US will have to blow them up and the more these people will hate the US.  Can you spell UNSUSTAINABLE??? 

As much as we may detest corporate “persons”, these entities ARE staffed by actual biological human beings – people who wake up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and genuinely believe that their behavior is acceptable, which raises the question: Are they lying to us or lying to themselves?  If they’re lying to us, they’re sociopaths – people who don’t experience guilt or remorse.  If they’re lying to themselves, they’re delusional.  In either case, it’s high time we brought the full weight of modern psychology to bear on the people pushing the buttons and pulling the levers of investment banking and global capitalism generally because they are driving this machine off the edge of a cliff.