UFO/ET Consciousness and Humankind’s Future

With the Pentagon finally admitting that UFO’s exist, it now seems that they’re falling back on a collective shoulder shrug claiming that they don’t know WHAT they are, or perhaps they are advanced technology from China or Russia.  Meanwhile, many military and other witnesses claim that highly secretive branches of the government know perfectly well what the UFO’s are and that they don’t come from Earth.  

In this day and age, advanced, anti-gravity propulsion could indeed be deployed by top secret government programs (including the US), but the problem is that vehicles like those in the videos recently released by the military have been spotted in our skies since the late 1940‘s.  Note that widespread and frequent reports of UFO sightings began soon after humans started detonating nuclear bombs.

Even the most skeptical and conservative of scientists have little choice but to concede that intelligent life must have developed elsewhere in the universe, but then they are quick to point out that Einstein said that it’s impossible to exceed the speed of light.  Therefore, due to the vast size of the universe, there is NO WAY that intelligent beings from elsewhere would ever be visiting us here.  End of story.  

But it is NOT extravagant to suggest that beings perhaps millions of years more advance than us may have indeed figured out how to travel among the starts with ease.  Nor is it extravagant to suggest that such beings would be curious or worried about humankind’s combination of rapid technological advancement and continued barbarous behavior.  (We went  from Kitty Hawk to Hiroshima in 42 years.)  What IS extravagant is to suggest that many thousands of extremely credible witnesses are having wild, vivid hallucinations or are somehow motivated to tell big lies making them appear kooky.

Growing up with Star Wars and Star Trek, was entertaining, but alas, we were given a mistaken impression that advanced, space faring beings would be several hundred years more advanced than we are and they’d have some flashy technology, but they would still essentially be jerks like us: The Klingons are all ass holes, Captain Kirk is a womanizer, Luke Skywalker is a dweeb and Darth Vader is like some kind of an interstellar Dick Cheney, etc.

But really, given the age and cosmology of the universe, there’s no reason to believe that there wouldn’t be races of beings who are thousands, if not millions of years more advanced that we are.  That advancement would surely include mind boggling advancements in their consciousness.  We are simply unable to imagine what these beings might be like.  The ET contact or “alien abduction” experiencers consistently report a degree of telepathy that could be described as oppressive where questions are telepathically put in your head and then telepathically answered, etc.

Therein lies the difficulty for world governments and the military/industrial complex where UFO/ET disclosure is concerned.  To FULLY reveal what’s going on would be quite simply the biggest thing ever in human history.  Period.  The last thing those running the world want is for average people to know that Earth is being visited by beings who are so advanced that they make our politicians and corporate executives look like a bunch of crazy baboons.  (Even that comment is not fair to actual baboons.)   Those in power don’t want a complete disruption of the geopolitical power structure of life on Earth, but full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth would do just that.  

The ET’s must know this.  Presumably being spiritually advanced in some manner, they also know that we need to figure stuff out for ourselves (the “Prime Directive” from Star trek).  They’re probably pragmatic too and at this stage in civilization’s trajectory, feel that the simplest thing would be to let the human race die back a little.  

It is widely suggested that the ET’s are contacting individuals (many, many thousands of them) in the hopes of giving greater insights to a small plurality of humans, but that if the broader mass of humanity can begin the process of developing our consciousness and emerging from our spiritual ‘adolescence’, then the ET’s would be ready to come forward, taking us by the hand and leading us the rest of the way so that we may one day become truly advanced beings and travel among the stars.