Hearing of Your Rape

Hearing of your rape was the low point of much of my year 2016 – though it was ultimately eclipsed by a President Trump in November, but it resoundingly sucker punched the already bruised relationship I have with my gender.  

Like a jagged shred of rusty sheet metal twisting in the wind on a frail cotton thread, Mankind’s legacy is there for all to behold.  The tortured logic behind rape.  The erie similarity between a man beating his wife who dared to disobey and a US president bombing a country that dared to disobey.  The manipulation, coercion and threats.  And beneath it all, the oozing, seething male rage – the addressing of which Stephen Hawking sees as the best argument for genetic engineering in humans.

The year is 2311.  The female gender now fully runs affairs on Earth – and they do so with an intelligence and elegance never seen in the 20th century.  Most reproduction of our species is done in laboratories run by teams of technician/priestesses.  Holographic history shrines adorn the corners of such fertility temples so as to always remind the priestesses of the horror fully relegated to the primordial ooze of our past by their hard work and scientific prowess.  For those few women who still care to have a lumbering baboon humping away at them, there still are anatomically recognizable men – though they’re extremely docile – all rage and violence having long since been bred out of them. They’ve also been engineered to be excellent cooks, great housekeepers and have a strong appetite for the taste of a woman’s vagina.  Some women have a little “pet man”.  Ranging in height from three to six inches, the pet man is fitted with gills – enabling him to crawl all the way into the woman’s vagina.  When he finds his way to the egg, he kneels down piously before it and gently masturbates.  Upon ejaculation, he lovingly rubs the semen all over the egg like massage oil.

Yes, the mere hearing of your rape tore me asunder, but I have no doubt that at the end of the reign of the atom-splitting monkeys, womankind will be on top and mankind will be sent to his room.