Call to Joe Rogan

Why Joe Rogan Should Have Me on His Podcast:

  • I began doing Transcendental Meditation in 1973 (at age 17) and have been meditating twice daily ever since.  While doing TM all these years has given me a some insights of what it means to change one’s consciousness, I also have misgivings about the TM movement: the mistakes that it has made ultimately harming its credibility over the years.  In particular, TM’s “Yogic Flying” was little more than a weird looking parlor trick – I know because I learned the technique.
  • While a strong meditator, I’m also quite interested in psychedelics.  Psychedelics have given me a greater appreciation for meditation and meditation has given me a greater appreciation for psychedelics.  I did a weekend workshop with Terrence McKenna in 1990.
  • Between meditation and psychedelics, I bring an understanding of human consciousness and the full weight of modern psychology to diagnose our “leaders” who I see as being mostly delusional clowns and narcissistic sociopaths.  This discussion is conspicuously absent in the mainstream discourse. 
  • With all the above points, I arrive at a pretty full analysis of the celebrated “new age” idea that HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS MUST CHANGE for the world’s problems to be resolved.  While countless people articulate the idea with varying degrees of flowery new age rhetoric, I boil it down to the simple idea that people need to start thinking differently with an improved faculty of discernment.  People need to begin believing what’s true as distinct from believing whatever the fuck happens to be convenient.  If greater love, compassion and happiness emerge in the process, then so much the better.  If we had a friend who was an abusive alcoholic, we’d bring the full weight and vocabulary of modern psychology to bear.  The same should apply to politicians and corporate executives  – many of whom are out of their fucking minds.
  • I’ve become fascinated with evolutionary psychology as it explains so much about our behavior.  In this age of the “me too” movement, all young men should be educated as to WHY they’re inclined to act like jerks toward women.  Amid their raging hormones, young women should have a class in evolutionary psychology to help them better understand what’s going on.  In this age of mass shootings, how and why male rage evolved in our species should be high school curriculum for young men.
  • After briefly attempting to become a comedian, I gave up but then took the same basic material to the Eugene Poetry Slam where I have since come in first place twice (no small achievement).  So I would bring a snarky, energetic and humorous delivery to much of what I would have to say on The Joe Rogan Podcast.
  • Having helped to pioneer the field of Green Building in the 1990’s, I began development of Maitreya EcoVillage in Eugene, Oregon where I live to this day.  
  • I have studied the concept of sustainability, bringing a greater degree of scrutiny and intellectual rigor to it than most.  The bad news is that Genuine, Meaningful Sustainability is going to be far more difficult to achieve than is commonly understood.  The good news is that we WILL achieve it because sustainability is NOT optional.  We have no choice in the matter.  Whatever we don’t do voluntarily, we WILL do involuntarily.  Regretfully, I expect that 90 percent of humankind’s inevitable transition to sustainability will be involuntary as we get slapped around by reality.
  • Central to the above conclusion is the matter of energy.  Peak Oil is still very much a thing.  It just got postponed a few years with the shale oil fracking boom which will soon prove to be a very short-lived reprieve from the harsh reality that there are only so many fossil fuels in the Earth’s crust.  As the fossil fuels run out, we’ll discover that there are all kinds of things we do with oil, coal and natural gas that are much more difficult (or less cost effective) to do with solar and wind generated electricity.  All the solar panels and wind turbines on Earth will not produce one thimble of oil, natural gas or coal.  This explains the Climate Change denial that we see.  Getting off of fossil fuels WILL harm the economy, but we have no choice in the matter because they’re gonna run out anyway.
  • While somewhat of a sensitive new age guy, I’m convinced that civilization is going to drive itself into a ditch and I have thus decided to become armed so as to be able to protect myself from criminal gangs and protect whatever might remain of our “democracy”.  I’m a SNAGO: sensitive, new-age gun owner.  Emerging out of a dysfunctional family and growing up a man with my share of issues, I explore the element of male rage as it informs and influences the gun debate in the US.  In my view, this is a HUGE part of the gun debate that is largely ignored.
  • In 2002, after viewing the Disclosure Project witness testimony videos, I attended a week long workshop with Dr Steve Greer.  I have extremely mixed views about the whole UFO/ET thing in general and about Steve Greer in particular.  Exploring the UFO/ET thing is like tumbling down Alice’s rabbit hole.  The deeper you go, the weirder it gets and it’s so difficult to know where to suspend your belief.  The sober, straight credibility of the military witness testimony is difficult to deny, but then, next thing you know, you’re being told that Cheney and Rumsfeld are reptilian human hybrids and the Earth is hollow, etc.  It’s maddening!  At the core of it though, I DO believe that Earth is being visited by extremely advanced beings from elsewhere.  When I say “extremely advanced beings”, I mean that they would make our politicians and corporate executives look like crazy baboons.  (Even that is not fair to baboons…). Bottom line: the ET presence on Earth is the biggest, most important thing ever in human history and merits widespread discussion.
  • Branching off from the whole UFO/ET matter are various other categories of interest: The remote viewing program and paranormal phenomenon generally, the morphic resonance theory promoted by Rupert Sheldrake, the “ancient aliens” theory with the clear evidence of advanced technology employed by Dynastic Egyptians and others, crop circles, the geopolitical ramifications of UFO/ET disclosure, the spiritual side of extremely advance beings visiting Earth, the possibility that modern humans were created or seeded by ET beings, the energy and propulsion technologies employed by their craft.  It goes on and on…..

So you see Joe, I think that I would offer a whole assortment of things to your podcast that would make for a lively and far reaching couple of hours.  The precise physics and energy & material flows of the unsustainable trajectory of civilization would dove-tail with meditation, psychedelics, the utter cluelessness of our “leaders” and the need for a change in human consciousness.