Socialism – Dreaded Scourge or Reasonable Direction?

When Bernie Sanders appeared poised to win the 2020 Democratic primary, many of the pundits – “liberal” and “conservative” alike went into an absolute tizzy over the possibility that the US might elect a “socialist” president.  It’s time to better understand what is meant by “socialism” and the hysterical stigma associated with it. Taxes are … Read more


Things must be manufactured with greater longevity Robert Bolman “Recycling” – Design Truly Cyclical, Sustainable Systems When a tree falls down in a forest, it is broken down into a complex biological system producing no toxicity & no waste and it ultimately results in a new tree.  This is how nature recycles.  It’s a truly … Read more

Turing Test

Jason?  Jason!  I’m starting to suspect that you’re not an actual human being trying to sell me a home equity line of credit.  Oh, you’re human, huh?  Well, please prove it to me by describing your feelings surrounding love.  Jason then said that he was having trouble hearing me and offered to transfer me over … Read more

The Swimming Pool

The other night I dreamed that I needed a ride somewhere.  A guy offered me a ride, and to my delight, it turned out that his car was a rolling conceptual art piece consisting of a small swimming pool on wheels.  I was so excited at the prospect of going down the street in such … Read more

The Deafening Roar of Silence

You’re at a party or a restaurant or cafe.  Everybody’s talking and carrying on.  Between that and all the rustling of chairs and clattering of silverware, there’s not a person in the room who is actually listening to the background music which is invariably on in such places. I used to work as a plumber … Read more

Sustainability is not Optional

The word, “sustainability” is being used a lot these days, but what is commonly called sustainability is not truly sustainable.  When looked at through the lens of a more rigorous set of criteria, you discover that genuine, meaningful sustainability is a dauntingly complex, remote, far flung ideal.  It’s gonna be really difficult to achieve.  But … Read more

Shitty Ruins

Do not dignify it by calling it “vinyl siding”.  A more appropriate architectural terminology is to call it “That fucking vinyl siding shit.”  Faded, toxic strips of free market wisdom peeling off our housing stock like layers peeling off the last onion in the bag.  And so it is that we are in the process … Read more

Selective Sanctity

As we evolved as a species, it was important for our survival as hunter/gatherers to have a healthy and well-populated klan.  Meanwhile, it was also important for our survival to be able to nonchalantly slaughter the members of rival klans competing for food and other resources.  This might explain the very selective nature of the … Read more