The $818 Cat Bite

I recently got bit by a cat.  Over the course of the day, I watched as a fast-paced infection set in – my entire hand becoming extremely painful by early evening.  Perhaps it’s a reflection of my healthy lifestyle that I got to be 57 years old and never learned the difference between an E. … Read more

Ag Land

Last night I dreamed that I lived in an agricultural community where all the buildings were attached together into one long, continuous, unbroken structure.  Some sections of the building were old and some were new.  Some were residential housing while others were barns, stables and food processing centers.  You could literally walk for ten miles … Read more

Delusion Spectrum Disorder

It is a celebrated truism of the annoyingly named “New Age Spirituality Movement” that HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS MUST CHANGE for world peace and environmental sanity to prevail.  But this idea isn’t discussed in the mainstream discourse because it is viewed as being vague & abstract.  But there is NOTHING vague or abstract about the ignorance, denial, … Read more


I dare you.  I dare you. In the words of Pete Murphy, I DARE YOU to touch a flickering flame.  And that flickering flame is the vast ocean of silence, clarity and peace lying beneath the surface.  It is beneath the thoughts, behind the thoughts, between the thoughts.  When you take your thoughts and strip … Read more


Oh, the spinning monkey shit turd castle that is the Hanford nuclear site in southeastern Washington.  Like falling off a log into warm water, the lilies swaying in a summer breeze ease with which those small penis – big ego men said, “Duh, We’re creating vast quantities of diabolically toxic waste that we have absolutely … Read more

Allahu Akbar

Allahu Akbar, roughly translated as “God is Great” is one of the most celebrated expressions in world religion.  Any reasonable exploration of Islamic faith and culture will reveal the intense weight and significance given to those words.  And fuck those fanatical, crackpot Jihadists who have ruined the words by shouting them just before blowing themselves … Read more

Humankind’s Biggest Problem

Deception occurs throughout nature.  For example, there’s the insect that evolved to look like a twig to avoid predators or the orchid that evolved to look like a particular bumblebee so as to get pollinated.  Not surprisingly, when our earliest ancestors developed spoken language, we started telling lies.  You can just imagine some caveman named … Read more